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Classical - composers
Melanie Wilson's Opera for the Unknown Woman
Date 25 May 2016 to 24 June 2016
DescriptionMelanie Wilson and Fuel present
Opera for the Unknown Woman
Written and directed by Melanie Wilson
Co-composed by Melanie Wilson and Katarina Glowicka
"300 years from now. World economies have failed. The human vestiges of earth are scattered and defenceless, pursued by flood and famine. Aphra, the last hope for life has two weeks to live.
In 2016 a group of women from around the world are drawn together by an unearthly power, to forge a future for their planet. Can their mission alter Earth’s course and save Aphra?"

Written, directed and co-composed by award winning sound artist, Melanie Wilson, with critically acclaimed Polish composer Katarina Glowicka; Opera for the Unknown Woman is a re-imagining of the operatic form, weaving together theatre, contemporary classical music, electronics and film. The ensemble includes Patricia Rozario OBE and Adey Grummet (Jerry Springer the Opera, Mr Burns).
"This science fiction, multi-media opera channels a performance of vivid imagination and passionate politics into an exhilarating call to action."
LocationCardiff, Coventry, Huddersfield
Dame Ethel Smyth- Impressions of an extraordinary life
Date 01 June 2016
DescriptionThe Galos Piano Trio with Sarah Gabriel present a unique programme bringing Ethel Smyth to life, telling the stories of her time in Leipzig and after; about her friendships with Brahms, Grieg, Tchaikovsky and more. With music by Smyth, Brahms, Grieg, Clara Schumann.
LocationSt David's Cathedral
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